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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Love Lafde (2018) Marathi Movie Official Trailer

Love lafde is a musical romantic comedy film.The story revolves between Love and the consequences caused because of Love in a comic manner. The story is of a young college Boy named Shubham who likes a girl Ruchi from his college, but he is quiet shy to open up his feelings in front of her as well as his friends..

Shubham has three best friends who are of three different characteristics, way different from each other. One of them is Logic from Pune, who is a bookworm and thinks that everything what happens has a Logic behind it, the second one is Hulahul from Satara, who has a habit of using proverbs for every situation but in a comic way. The third friend of them is Filmy who is from Mumbai, and has his own different world full of Bollywood films. He relates every situation with Bollywood films and thinks that the answer to every question lies in films u just need to relate the exact situation..

As soon as these friends come to know about Shubhams feelings for Ruchi, they decide to help him get his Lady Love, each of them start trying for Shubham in their own way but, each of them fail the task creating a comic situation. Then they meet Utkarsh the Loveguru who is a person who can impress any girl with his flirty tactics. Utkarsh promises to help them. How he helps? Whether they succeed? Whether they will get LOVE or fall in LAFADE (fight) is all the story about....

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